New York DA Apologizes For ‘Own Stupidity’ for Argument With Cop

The Monroe County, New York District Attorney last Monday released a video apologizing for her behavior during a recent police encounter that was caught on video.

District Attorney Sandra Doorely was caught speeding near her home in the Rochester suburb of Webster on April 22, traveling 20 miles over the posted speed limit. Webster Police Officer Cameron Crisafulli attempted to pull Doorely over but she refused. Instead, Doorely proceeded to her home about a half mile away while Crisafulli followed.

Doorely was captured on body-cam footage berating Crisafulli for trying to pull her over. She flashed her District Attorney’s badge and cursed at the officer, eventually calling Webster Police Chief Dennis Kohlmeier to demand that he order Crisafulli to leave her alone.

After making a scene, Doorely finally took the speeding ticket from the officer.

When the body-cam footage went viral on social media, the Rochester City Council signed a letter to Attorney General Letitia James calling for an inquiry into Doorely’s behavior.

The council members said Doorley’s actions had led them to “question her fitness to serve as District Attorney,” arguing that her behavior eroded the public’s trust in the justice system.

In a video released last Monday, Doorely apologized to Officer Crisafulli and said she would impose disciplinary measures on herself for the incident. Doorely acknowledged that her conduct on April 22 did not meet “the standards that I hold myself to” and said she took “full responsibility” for her actions.

The district attorney explained that she was having a “bad day” on April 22 as the District Attorney’s Office received three homicide cases from the previous weekend. She also explained that she had been troubled by some concerning medical news her husband had received.

However, Doorley admitted that none of those pressures excused the way she behaved with Officer Crisafulli, adding that she was “humbled” by her stupidity and “fully to blame.”