Fox News Host Suggests Biden’s Involvement In Planning Trump’s Arrest 

( On Sunday, Fox News host and anchor Julie Banderas suggested that President Joe Biden might be the puppeteer behind Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in order to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president in 202. 

It’s a multi-step what-if scenario upon which she based a claim of hypocrisy about election “tampering.” 

Banderas responded to co-host Tomi Lahren on FNC’s Big Sunday Show, who said there is “a lot to unpack” in the news about a potential indictment of President Trump. She discussed whether or not an indictment of Trump would be a misdemeanor or felony and what evidence would be required to prove the latter. She then jumped to assumptions about the true drivers of the situation. 

She said you also have to look at Bragg and question his motive. She wondered if Bragg was doing this probe with tax dollars because doing so would also constitute electoral interference in the 2024 presidential election. 

Banderas wondered aloud if he, as many in Washington have alleged, receiving marching orders from Washington, D.C.?  

She speculated that maybe Biden is involved because, as the president’s greatest adversary, he stands to benefit from an indictment.  

Regarding the charges Trump is facing, the alleged violation is no longer inside the statute of limitations; thus, there is no legal standing, to begin with. The legal weapon that Bragg is trying to use is, surprisingly, not within the purview of the Manhattan district attorney since it involves federal campaign financing law. 

The question becomes, why would Alvin Bragg, supported by George Soros, pursue a lawsuit that is certain to lose on every level?  

Banana republic politics is the answer. 

After all the work and thousands of man-hours put into the politically weaponized construct by Soros District Attorney Alvin Bragg, the left’s eventual aim is for a high-visibility handcuffed perp to walk into a Manhattan courtroom. 

They hope the optics, whether guilty or innocent, is Trump’s comeuppance for having the audacity to run against Hillary and beat her. 

The wound is deep, and it will never be forgotten.