Fox News Debate Gets Heated On Air

( Tuesday’s argument between Democratic Texas Rep. Vicente Gonzalez and Fox News’s Neil Cavuto concerned President Joe Biden’s visit to the southern border, during which he did not purposefully did not observe the migrants.

On his first-ever visit to the country’s southern border, Biden paid a visit to the El Paso, Texas, region on Sunday. The president visited with local nonprofit organizations that help illegal immigrants and local and federal law enforcement officers. However, Biden did not witness the numerous migrants residing on the streets.

Cavuto enquired why El Paso appeared to have been cleaned up.

“There had been talk that maybe Biden folks had cleared the streets or at others’ behest had done so. They deny that. But I’m still looking at this before and after, Congressman and confused as heck. Something and someone did that cleanup there. Just days before, there were migrants all over the place. What happened?” Cavuto asked.

“People come in spurts,” was Gonzalez’s explanation.

Cavuto then pressed Gonzalez about Biden not meeting with migrants.

“Wouldn’t you like to know what is causing this 2.5 million-person “spurt” to arrive?” Cavuto said sarcastically.

“He knows what migrants look like,” Gonzalez countered, carrying the water for an unconcerned president.

Cavuto stipulated that even if Biden might not have intentionally disregarded the migrants, he nonetheless failed to notice them.

Gonzalez attempted to whitewash Biden’s behavior, and Cavuto cut him off-

“Wait a minute, sir!” Cavuto said forcefully. “He went down there and didn’t see them. That was the whole point. It’s like going to a Giants game- if you like the Giants – and the Giants aren’t there.”

Gonzalez defended, saying, “This isn’t a Giants game, this isn’t a Giants game.”

“Biden should have witnessed the problem firsthand,” Opportunity Center for the Homeless Director John Martin declared.

Later, the White House claimed that Biden had spoken with local leaders about the migrant situation while “visiting the busiest port of entry” and a “federally-funded migrant” support facility.