Fox Guest Warns Trump Testifying Could Be a Big Mistake

In an interview last week, Donald Trump said he would “absolutely” take the stand in his defense if any of the criminal cases against him go to trial, NBC News reported.

While appearing on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program on September 6, Trump was asked if he planned to testify in his defense. The former president told Hewitt that he “absolutely” would and looked forward to doing so.

However, Trump immediately dismissed the need to testify by suggesting that the cases would all be dismissed before they get to trial since they are a “sham” and “election interference.”

Over the weekend, Ben Domenech, the editor-at-large for The Spectator, appeared on Fox’s “MediaBuzz” where he told host Howard Kurtz that it would be a bad idea for Trump to testify, Mediaite reported.

While the “MediaBuzz” panel was discussing Trump’s interview with Hugh Hewitt, Kurtz suggested that it was understandable that Trump would want to clear his name but added that it is likely Trump’s lawyers will “do everything in their power to block that.”

Domenech suggested that even Hugh Hewitt must have known when he asked the question that it would be a bad idea for Trump to testify. He added that Trump shouldn’t have even answered Hewitt’s question. Domenech agreed with Kurtz that Trump’s lawyers won’t want him to take the stand since his responses and the questions he would get asked would be “too unpredictable.”

Panelist Leslie Marshall agreed with Domenech, saying it would be “unwise” to allow Trump to testify particularly if his attorneys are unable to control him.

Ultimately, however, Trump’s assertion that he would “absolutely” testify is probably bluster.

He declined the opportunity to testify in his defense in the defamation and civil battery case brought against him by E. Jean Carroll earlier this year. Trump also declined an offer to testify in his second impeachment trial after the January 6 riot.