Footage Shows Moment Russian Soldiers Kill 500 Of Own Men

Ukrainian forces were seen coming under attack as they closed in on Russian positions, according to a video that was circulated on Telegram.

Three Russian troops can be seen negotiating their way through the pandemonium to the ruined town, where they laid down in surrender. A tremendous explosion occurred just where the Russian troops had lain down, just as the Ukrainians were getting close enough to disarm them.

A report shows Russia’s Putin lost three men in the blast; one was killed, and the Ukrainians captured the remaining two.

During the battle of Andriivka, the 3rd Separate Assault Infantry Brigade heard good news, according to the telegram video.

According to the video, another set of detainees is captured by Mechanized Infantry Battalion Assault Group 2. At the same moment, the enemy realizes the village is gone, and orders fire on their own as his forces begin to surrender en masse. The Telegram channel wrote that luck is a factor in battle, and the operation’s most crucial steps were yet to come.

Ukraine claimed victory after the operation that allegedly eliminated the entirety of Russia’s 72nd infantry brigade, destroying the settlement of Andriivka. According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Putin’s ‘shame’ was widely shared when it was reported that Russia had lost 500 troops in a single day.

In a major blunder on the Ukrainian side, the New York Times has made a startling reversal about the fatal missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Kostiantynivka on September 6.

All major foreign news outlets stated that a Russian strike was responsible for the deaths of 15 civilians and injuries to many more. Since the beginning of the conflict, this hit on a crowded market has been one of the bloodiest on a civilian location.

The report emphasized that President Zelensky accused Russian ‘terrorists’ of the strike, and numerous media outlets followed suit shortly after the market was bombed.

Investigative reporters from the New York Times determined that it was a Ukrainian SAM (surface-to-air missile) that struck, killed, and injured dozens of people.

Zelensky’s office ironically supplied one of the primary tapes the NYT used to arrive at this conclusion.