Facing Expulsion Rep. Santos Says ‘I Don’t Care’

Republican Rep. George Santos faced another expulsion vote on the House floor but remained defiant and unconcerned about the procedural move. Rep. Robert Garcia, a Democrat from California, filed a privileged resolution to expel Santos following a scathing report from the House Ethics Committee. The report accused Santos of prioritizing personal gain over his duty to uphold the Constitution and ethical principles.

Santos, who has survived two previous expulsion efforts, expressed indifference towards the latest attempt. He emphasized that he was elected by the people of New York’s Third District to represent them, and he refused to seek support from his colleagues. Despite facing another expulsion vote, Santos dismissed it as a waste of time.

Rep. Garcia and co-lead Rep. Dan Goldman spoke on the House floor to advocate for Santos’ removal. They emphasized the need for integrity and trust in government and cited Santos’ admitted dishonesty and fraudulent behavior. Garcia’s resolution is separate from the one filed by Rep. Michael Guest, which has not yet been privileged.

The recent report from the House Ethics Committee revealed damning details about Santos’ alleged misuse of campaign funds for personal enrichment. The report detailed expenses such as Botox treatments, trips to Atlantic City, purchases on the adult content website OnlyFans, and designer goods. The investigation depicted a complex pattern of unlawful activity surrounding Santos, who also faces separate federal charges.

Expelling a member of Congress requires a two-thirds majority vote in the chamber. Santos has pleaded not guilty to the federal charges and labeled the bipartisan report as a politicized smear. Although he has announced that he will not seek re-election in 2024, Santos intends to complete the remainder of his term.

Santos criticized Congress for focusing on censuring and expelling members instead of addressing pressing issues such as inflation and border security. He argued that the country would be better if the same effort were put into fixing these matters rather than engaging in political theater.

In summary, Rep. George Santos remained defiant despite another expulsion vote, expressing his dedication to representing his constituents. Rep. Dan Goldman and Rep. Robert Garcia emphasized restoring integrity in the House of Representatives. The House Ethics Committee’s report revealed troubling details about Santos’ alleged misuse of campaign funds. Despite the ongoing controversy, Santos called for a focus on more significant issues affecting the country.

The motion for expulsion passed with an overwhelming vote of 311-114, meeting the necessary two-thirds majority. Santos departure now leaves the House Republicans with a precarious, razor-thin majority.