Dems in Damage Control Mode After Backlash Over Celeb Dinner

The 2024 election campaigns are heating up and getting tense.

Two witnesses from the House Select Committee Hearing on January 6th— Aquilino Gonell, a former Capitol Police Sergeant, and Daniel Hodges, a DC Police Officer —spoke at a presser hosted by the Biden campaign.

Members of Biden’s campaign and DC police who testified at the J6 hearings before Liz Cheney criticize Trump for paying tribute to the late Jonathan Diller.

During the Biden-Harris reelection campaign presser, DC officer Daniel Hodges said cynically that he didn’t believe there was a personal connection between Detective Diller and Trump that motivated him to make an appearance at the wake of this particular officer.

While Trump attended a funeral for a slain New York City police officer, Biden partied at a posh event with famous people who have lost touch with reality.

The former president visited with Det. Stephanie Diller and her one-year-old son Ryan attended Jonathan Diller’s wake on Thursday. Trump kissed Ryan’s forehead and prayed with the Diller family.

Biden completely ignored Jonathan Diller as he left New York City’s JFK Airport.

Protesters battled with New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers on Thursday evening, cutting short a star-studded fundraiser held by President Biden in New York City on numerous occasions. At the event, which allegedly brought in $25 million, Biden, Obama, and Clinton sat down for an armchair chat.

The presidential election seems to be quite close, according to the polls. President Trump criticized members of the event’s guest list as “deranged Hollywood liberals.” On Thursday, his team said that the wealth gap showed how the Democrats relied on millionaires while the former president’s supporters were from the working class.

The comments delivered at the Biden gathering in New York emphasized the gravity of the November election. Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, also the majority leader in the Senate, addressed the boisterous gathering of 5,000 Democrats, telling them they must take all necessary measures to prevent the restoration of the “dishonest, chaotic, ineffective regime of Donald Trump.”