Democrats Whispering Concerns About Biden’s Age

Van Jones, a CNN commentator and activist Democrat, claimed on September 7 that there had been “whispers” among Democrats about President Joe Biden’s maturity being a factor in the impending 2024 contest.

When asked about the new poll results, Jones remarked on CNN’s air on September 7 that many Democrats say that the “whispers” about Biden’s age are showing up in the statistics. Joe Biden has a lot of people concerned. What do you think of keeping this grandfather in his high-stress job for another term?

Seventy-four percent of respondents in a CNN/SSRS survey from September 7 agreed that at age 80, Biden lacks the energy and mental acuity to be a successful president, while just 26 percent said he should be given a second term.

From a low of 51% in November 2018, this figure has climbed by 7% since March. 67% of respondents say he lacks the capability for the president’s office.

Overall, 61% of respondents disapprove of President Biden handling presidential responsibilities, while just 39% say they are satisfied with his job performance.

The study found that 58% of voters believe Biden’s actions have worsened economic circumstances, 55% do not believe he cares about them, 72% do not believe he inspires confidence, and 67% do not see him as a president they are “proud” of.

Sixty-seven percent of Democrat voters, a rise of thirteen percent since March, said they want an alternate nominee for the Democrat Party in the forthcoming 2024 race, with 82% preferring anyone but Biden.

While 49% of Democrats are worried about Biden’s age holding him back from becoming their party’s contender in 2024, 86% believe that Biden could end up being the nominee.

To take the offensive on what polls say is one of President Biden’s major weaknesses in his reelection campaign, the White House has lashed out at the media’s focus on his age and stamina for the job.

Reports show social media postings by the president’s allies have been taking aim at media coverage of his advanced age, including from newspapers with a liberal bias.