Delivery Man Kills Actress Angie Harmon’s Dog

A delivery guy from Instacart shot and killed Angie Harmon’s dog, according to the famous “Charlotte” and “Law and Order” actress.

Harmon has accused an Instacart delivery driver of killing her family’s cherished dog, Oliver, during the Easter weekend.

The North Carolina native Harmon, who plays a pivotal character on the NBC crime drama Law & Order, went viral on Instagram when detailing the killing. She said her story recounts only one of many incidents in the United States where the number of firearms exceeds the population.

Harmon, who is well-known for her role in the TV series Rizzoli & Isles, said that on Saturday afternoon, the Instacart driver got out of his car, brought the family’s groceries, and then shot Oliver.

She and her girls are completely traumatized & beyond devastated, the veteran actress said in an emotional Instagram post. Instacart has begun an inquiry after police visited her house in Charlotte, North Carolina, over the weekend.

The star of Rizzoli & Isles said that the driver took advantage of her charging her Ring camera in the home. According to Harmon, the cops released him because he asserted his right to “self-defense.” She said the driver did not have a scratch or bite on him, nor were his pants torn.

In her Instagram story, Harmon addressed the worker by name and provided further details about the event. Additionally, Harmon said that the individual seemed to be using a fake identity when buying Instacart.

The police department in Charlotte-Mecklenburg validated some elements of the incident that Harmon recounted in her statement.

On Saturday, the delivery man allegedly informed police in Charlotte-Mecklenburg that he was carrying food to the residence when the dog attacked him, prompting him to fire off a single shot in self-defense. According to the authorities, another dog was in the residence but “did not attack.”

Instacart verified the shooting and said the driver “was immediately suspended” from the service in a statement.

The actress said the police were looking into it, but she was disappointed that they couldn’t help her find closure.

As a precaution, Harmon disabled commenting on all her social media posts.