Conspiracies Fly After Mayor Collapses During Press Conference

Valérie Plante, the mayor of Montreal, slumped over at a news conference this week, and many on social media wondered whether the COVID-19 vaccine was to blame.

The negative consequences of the vaccination have been a hot topic. Some individuals have died as a result of adverse side effects documented since the COVID-19 vaccination was released. The CDC, on the other hand, insists that the benefits of the vaccination far exceed its dangers and that severe reactions are relatively uncommon.

Posting a video of the mayor’s fall on X, Jeckov Kanani—an ardent opponent of Canada’s COVID response—encouraged others not to take the vaccination. He went on to say that the booster should not be given to anybody. Some people have used the hashtag “vaccine side effect” to express their disapproval, calling it a “wake-up call.”

“Vaccine Injuries” was another Telegram account that shared news of the mayor’s fall.
The fact that Plante was vaccinated twice against COVID-19 was verified by her in December 2021. Plante’s office said that the unexpected event was not caused by the vaccination, despite internet claims.

Theories linking the COVID vaccination to medical emergencies involving public figures like the mayor of Montreal are not unprecedented. Such remarks were prompted by the deaths of former NFL player Matt Ulrich, Lisa Marie Presley, and many others.

Some have speculated that the vaccination may have had a role in the cardiac collapse that Lebron “Bronny” James Jr. had in July during USC basketball practice. But these assertions were unsubstantiated.

A medical team evaluated Mayor Plante, and she is currently doing OK, according to a post she made on X. Plante continued by saying that she would “lower the pace of her activities over the coming days and will skip Tuesday’s Ville-Marie borough council meeting” as a precautionary measure.

While preparing to deliver her morning weather report, CBS Los Angeles weatherwoman Alissa Carlson Schwartz allegedly had a medical emergency.

The 42-year-old woman’s head slid back as she went forward and hit the floor, as shown in footage that has gone viral online. Co-hosts Rachel Kim and Nichelle Medina were completely unaware of what was happening in the studio. After a brief moment of stunned silence, they immediately cut to a commercial break upon seeing her collapse.