Biden Walks Away From Fox Reporter After Important Question

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy found President Joe Biden’s response to his question on whether or not he would pardon Donald Trump to be rather comical.

U.S. Department of Justice Special Counsel Jack Smith is now investigating whether or not former President Trump unlawfully kept classified information after he left office. Smith is also investigating whether the outgoing president tried interfering with the upcoming 2020 election to stay in office for a second term.

Republican presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said Thursday that he would not rule out the possibility of pardoning Trump and some defendants in the January 6 case if elected president.

DeSantis is competing against Trump for the nomination to run as the Republican presidential candidate in 2024.

A question submitted by Clay Travis to Florida Governor DeSantis asked the hypothetical — if Trump gets charged with federal offenses and you are the president of the United States, would you look at potentially pardoning Trump?

DeSantis said that he would review defendants “on a case-by-case basis” because he thinks many cases don’t necessarily get headlines.

He said the DOJ “weaponized” its attempts to punish Republicans.

On Monday, President Biden was asked by Doocy about the governor’s comments.

Did you hear that, if elected president Ron DeSantis will pardon Donald Trump? Doocy was on the South Lawn of the White House just before the president boarded Marine One. 

How do you feel about the prospect of a presidential pardon for Trump? He asked.

Biden laughed heartily, raised his hand, and then walked away in response.

Saying, “I’ll see you guys,” he headed toward the helicopter that would transport him to Delaware.

Biden frequently answers questions with a weird smile and some random mumbling as he turns and walks away.