Biden Screams At Audience “Don’t Jump” Once Again

( President Joe Biden told those who were seated on a balcony not to jump while speaking at the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) training center. The comment was just a joke, but it is not the first time the president said it, according to Summit News.

In another speech talking about alleged LGBTQ+ issues like gay marriage and interracial marriage, Biden reportedly stopped talking and also told his audience behind him not to jump.

“Standing behind me are dozens of plaintiffs—up there, don’t jump,” he said.

Added to the list were seven-year-old children, disabled people, cancer patients, and paratroopers.

The president has had many gaffes during his time in office, appearing confused and unable to speak. Former White House physician Ronny Jackson has recently recommended that Biden undergo a cognitive examination after watching Biden’s recent speech at the training center.

The video showed Biden randomly pausing and looking down at the ground before putting his mic down and picking another one up. The moment was criticized as awkward, but some users came to the president’s defense, pointing out that there was feedback, and he was trying to mitigate the problem by moving away from the podium and using another mic.

Jackson previously served as a personal physician under former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. He once alleged that Biden will not complete his second term in office if he was elected because he was mentally unfit and called on him to resign.

Obama had expressed his disapproval of Jackson’s comments in a letter, where he called the physician’s comments beneath his previous position and insulting to the many friends made in the administration.

Last summer, a poll conducted by Issues and Insights showed that over half of Americans were concerned about Biden’s health.