Biden Plans To Veto Israel Aid If It Doesn’t Include Ukraine

The White House said that President Biden will veto a budget package that only funds Israel and does not assist Ukraine’s battle against Russian invaders, placing the administration at odds with the GOP-led House.

At a White House briefing, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby remarked that the president would veto an only-Israel bill. House Republican leaders prepare to vote on a $14 billion plan that will support Israel’s defense and be funded by taking back funds from Biden’s IRS, but the administration will not budge.

Reports show the House’s Israel assistance plan is a reaction to President Biden’s $106 billion emergency spending request covering multiple national security measures.

Since Liberals in the House and Senate are objecting to money for Israel alone and Biden has threatened a veto, it is uncertain if Congress can work to resolve its disagreements. When Biden signed a law earlier this year that effectively killed a local rewrite of the Washington, D.C. criminal code, he angered several Democrats. They thought Biden would veto the law the GOP had pushed through.

The Senate and House are stuck in a budget-shutdown cycle because they have failed to enact the dozen separate legislation necessary to pay the different federal agencies. To complete the work before the end of the new fiscal year, which started on October 1, Congress approved a temporary financing measure at the previous year’s levels until November 17.

This time around, things are more complicated since Republicans are refusing to comply with President Biden’s request to aid Ukraine in its fight against Russia until the president agrees to their requests to increase enforcement across the U.S. /Mexico border.

Reports show Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell told the media that we need a serious solution to the border after speaking with President Joe Biden and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Regarding assistance for Israel, Ukraine, and other nations, McConnell said he agrees with Biden’s more all-encompassing approach. However, he indicated that the border must be included if the bill is to pass the Senate, which leans Democrat.