Biden Couldn’t Get A Basic CIA Security Clearance, Report States

The current influx of scandalous evidence surrounding Joe Biden’s family raises an intriguing question: would he be eligible for a security clearance if he were not the president and applied for a position at the CIA or FBI?

According to Kevin Brock, a retired FBI Assistant Director for Intelligence, Biden would not be an appealing candidate for an FBI agent’s job, especially when considering security.

Biden allegedly has been part of an organized campaign to pressure energy executives in communist China to make payments. 

Biden had classified documents stored in an insecure garage. 

Biden has been accused by a much-used and reliable FBI informant of bribery in Ukraine. 

Former CIA analyst and National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz said that if Joe Biden were applying for a job in the CIA, he would not receive a clearance due to ethical conflicts and payments from China.

Fleitz explained that the reason is because of concerns that he might be compromised.

Brock explained that anyone who wants to become an FBI agent has to pass a polygraph test. He quipped that If Joe applied and said he had no conflicts of interest, the polygraph machine would overload. He said the closest he could ever come to being a secret agent is his aviator sunglasses.

Over the past six months, there have been significant revelations regarding the overseas businesses of the Biden family. 

The House Ways and Means Committee released evidence from IRS whistleblowers, which includes allegations that a Biden family friend claimed Biden had direct meetings with communist Chinese energy executives around the same time when his son Hunter was seeking millions from them. In a text message, Hunter Biden mentioned his father, stating that he was present with him while urging them to make the payment.

Despite discrepancies between his statements since 2019 and available evidence, Biden maintains his innocence. 

In addition to the Biden family probes, some lawmakers in Congress are considering imposing penalties on U.S. intelligence professionals who misuse their security clearances to influence elections. This includes the 2020 letter signed by 51 experts regarding the Hunter Biden laptop.

If someone uses their intelligence profession to mislead the American people and influence a presidential election, they should not have a security clearance. 

Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign collaborated with former acting CIA Director Michael Morell to compose a letter from 51 intelligence analysts alleging, without evidence, that son Hunter Biden’s laptop, was Russian disinformation. The intention was to influence the election.