America Puts Faith In Trump For Economic Concerns

Although President Biden often claims credit for the economic recovery, many Americans have more faith in former President Trump to get things back on track.

Suffolk University Sawyer Business School and USA Today conducted a poll, and the results showed that although 36% of Americans had faith in Mr. Biden’s capacity to improve the economy, 47% had faith in Mr. Trump.

Seventy percent of those polled saw a worsening economy, while only 22 percent were hopeful about its future. Eighty-four percent of Americans have been affected by the growing cost of living, with 49 percent reporting a rise in grocery expenses. There was an increase in housing costs for 16% of people and in utility and transportation costs for 11%.

According to the survey, only 34% of Americans are happy with how the president handles the economy, while 59% are unhappy.

The official White House website describes Bidenomics as an approach to economic growth that gives preference to the middle class and provides aid to those at the bottom.

During his speech at Philadelphia’s Labor Day parade, President Biden declared that he was replacing trickle-down economics with ” Bidenomics.”

But 22% used terms like “horrible,” “terrible,” “awful,” “bad,” “poor,” “weak,” “sad,” or “dismal” to describe the economy. Those adjectives are interchangeable with Bidenomics.

Less than one in ten said the economy was good.

Due to domestic difficulties, the US population has been forced to cut back on spending. Over half (53%) have cut back on their grocery budget, 58% have put off taking a trip, and 57% have put off making home repairs or upgrades. While 52% of Americans are making an effort to cut their electricity, heating, and air conditioning usage, 68% of individuals are not buying new apparel.

From September 6th to the 11th, pollsters contacted 1,000 adults in the United States via cell phone and landline. There was a 3.1% error margin for the survey.