Video Shows Inside Of Giant Gaza Tunnel

Proof of a massive tunnel dug by Hamas in Gaza has been presented to the media by the Israeli military. It goes all the way to Gaza City in the Gaza Strip, and it’s the longest Hamas tunnel ever discovered by the Israeli forces.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, a video shot within the tunnel showed the brother of the head of Hamas in Gaza operating a vehicle. The tape was allegedly discovered during military operations. He was in charge of Hamas’ labor and logistics and supervised the tunnel’s building.

About 2.5 miles long, the tunnel is 160 feet below ground, has ventilation, power, and communication systems installed, and is large enough to accommodate a car.  The tunnel includes an entrance near the Erez gate, the primary pedestrian access point into Israel.

According to satellite photographs, excavation activity in the region was seen in late November.

The tunnel comes to a stop on the northern Israeli-Gazan border, nearly 1,000 feet from the Erez Crossing. It doesn’t cross into the Israeli region.

According to the Israeli Defense Forces, Hamas recorded the tunnel’s development and then disseminated the footage.

Last October, Hamas published a drone video that showed Israeli forces approaching a tunnel near Erez. In October, the Israeli Defense Forces announced on their Telegram account that troops stationed near the Erez Crossing had apprehended many terrorists emerging from a tunnel.

According to Israeli media, the attack that Israel initiated after Hamas militants embarked on a murder and abduction rampage in its southern cities and army posts on October 7 has several objectives. One of which is to destroy or disable hundreds of miles of subterranean routes and hiding places.

As a part of the comprehensive deconstruction of Hamas infrastructure, the Israeli Defense Forces have been undertaking efforts to identify and destroy hundreds of assault tunnel routes.