US Citizen Killed by Aggressive Elephant in Zambia

According to local authorities, a 79-year-old American woman was killed recently when an agitated elephant lunged at a vehicle while on an African safari tour in Kafue National Park, Zambia.

A video posted online shows a massive elephant repeatedly tipping over a vehicle with six passengers inside.

Keith Vincent, the CEO of the safari company, said the vehicle was hindered by the landscape and was unable to get away.

The victim of the attack was a woman from Minnesota named Gail Mattson. There were four wounded visitors. One female tourist was evacuated to a South African hospital with serious injuries.

Gail’s daughter, Rona Wells, posted a social media tribute to her mother, saying that she died in a terrible accident while living out her desired adventure.

Her body will be sent to the US quickly, according to officials. A joint investigation between the police and the National Parks and Wildlife is underway.

Vincent gave his sincere condolences to the loved ones of the deceased woman. His company is supporting the tour guide and visitors who were affected by this tragic event.

Zimbabwe and Botswana, two nations bordering Zambia, have both voiced alarm about their rapidly expanding elephant populations. In recent years, there have been reports of deadly assaults by elephants in Zimbabwe.

It’s not the first incident involving an American visitor at the park. A shooting killed Bianca Rudolph in September 2016, and her body was discovered in her hunting lodge. Lawrence Rudolph, her husband, received a life term for her murder.

Kafue National Park is the biggest national park in the country, home to over 200 different types of animals. It is especially well-known for its sightings of lions and leopards, as well as the remarkable variety of antelope, many of which are not often seen in other places.