Former Howard Stern Show Star Apologizes After Attacking Boyfriend in Livestream

A YouTuber and former Howard Stern program host has offered an apology after a video showing her physically abusing her partner went viral. She was eventually arrested.

As Elisa Jordana, Florida resident Elisa Ann Schwartz broadcasted herself live on Monday as she drove around Palm Beach County.

During the show, she and an unnamed male who was supposedly her boyfriend got into a violent fight, and Schwartz hit him many times as she challenged him about infidelity.

She struck the guy across the face and gave him a threatening warning in the heated footage.

In response, he became violent, grabbing her head and chasing after her in the street. Eventually, he gets back to his vehicle and ends the livestream. More than two hours and more than 150,000 views later, the broadcast on YouTube had concluded.

The Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office arrested Schwartz shortly after the video went live on the internet and charged her with assault.

The influencer acknowledged that her portrayal of herself was out of character and apologized for her conduct.

The man’s alleged adultery was the root cause of the couple’s heated disagreement.

Schwartz broke down in tears when talking about her guy sending a large sum of money to another lady. After the woman’s call—who was only named as Sara—violence broke out.

Schwartz threatened to post Sara’s personal images and contact details online.

In response, the streamer hit her partner on the shoulder and arm many times.

After he said, “Sara, I apologize for this,” Schwartz promptly punched him in the face with an open hand.

She explained to the audience that she discovered the messages between him and Sara during their couple’s therapy session.

Schwartz brought up the fact that Sara’s boyfriend had made sexist remarks about his mistress, calling her a “poor choice.”

After she grabbed her boyfriend’s ear, he grabbed her hair and yanked her head toward the passenger seat.

An internet mugshot of her began spreading after her arrest, adding fuel to the fire of scandal.

Schwartz worked as a writer and occasional guest on the Howard Stern program for six years before becoming famous online.

Before moving to Los Angeles, she was in a highly publicized relationship with actor and comedian Benjy Bronk.

She was engaged to comedian Andy Dick in 2021, but their romance didn’t last long.