David Cameron’s Comments May Signal Shifting UK Stance on Israel

As Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s foreign policy representative, David Cameron has emerged as one of the leading politicians who dare push the ideological envelope.

Some Conservative lawmakers are contemplating mutiny in response to his forceful diplomacy in the Middle East. Eylon Levy, the English-language official spokeswoman for Israel, and Cameron, the foreign secretary, have been engaged in an online argument about letting additional relief trucks into Gaza. Some have seen Cameron’s remarks as too critical of Israel. Levy was reportedly fired in March due to this dispute.

A Conservative lawmaker well-known for his staunch backing of Israel said that Cameron’s Foreign Office has taken on a “problematic tone” because the prime minister has admitted that nations have the right to react when they feel they have been attacked. U.K. Foreign Office officials should be held responsible for the civilian casualties inflicted by Hamas and the repercussions of a conflict that the U.K. government did not start, according to former minister Andrew Percy.

Cameron is not answerable to the British people or the House of Commons despite his long tenure as prime minister. His supporters think this gives him a better chance to be himself and rebuild his image after the 2016 Brexit vote when he failed to guarantee Britain’s place in the EU.

In his forceful and forthright comments on postponing the most recent assistance package for Ukraine, he warned American Republicans not to make the same errors they did with the appeasement policy in the late 1930s. Under pressure from No. 10 Downing Street and Britain’s G7 partners, the UK foreign secretary has pushed for stricter sanctions on Iran.

There is no evidence of discord between Cameron and Sunak, according to the prime minister’s official spokesman, who denies any disagreement on behalf of the prime minister. The hardline leader reportedly rejected pleas from foreign allies attempting to moderate his reaction to Iran’s recent retaliatory attack of several drones and missiles fired at Israel, making it difficult for Sunak to schedule a conversation with Netanyahu this week, according to Israeli media.

While assuring some Conservative Party members, Sunak is probably trying to improve ties with Israel by expressing solid support. We must make sure that we don’t stray from Israeli policy again.