Tucker Carlson Exposes Socialist Movement In Spain

Tucker Carlson, a former host on Fox News and a favorite of the conservative media, is inspiring conservatives in Spain.

At a demonstration in Madrid against Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s proposal to provide amnesty to Catalan separatists in exchange for their support for another term in government, Carlson was mobbed by admirers.

Carlson said anyone who would overthrow democracy in Spain by violating the country’s constitution is a dictator. He said this is happening all over Europe.

Protesters chanted, asking Tucker for assistance in dealing with “this motherfu**er.” Carlson was there with Santiago Abascal, the far-right head of the Vox party.

The EU’s justice director is concerned about Sánchez’s agreement with the Catalan separatist Junts party last week.

A proposal for a bill providing amnesty to all participating in the canceled 2017 Catalan independence referendum was part of the compromise that ended months of political stagnation in Spain after a general election gave no party a clear route to a majority.

The Socialist Party of Sánchez presented a draft measure to parliament on Monday, although it has not yet been passed. However, it has already caused widespread demonstrations in response.

Tens of thousands of people came to the streets around the country on Sunday, with the conservative opposition People’s Party sparking the increase in demonstrations.

During this time of political upheaval in Spain, the Patriotic forces are attempting to foil Socialist Prime Minister Sánchez’s shady plans to stay in office by granting amnesty to Catalan separatists.

English-language media outlets have been riveted by the protests in Spain, which have shown a level of political mobilization among conservatives in the streets that is rare in European democracies. Every day since the first protests were planned at the start of the month in front of the offices of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), a sizable fraction of the Spanish voters has gathered there to voice their disapproval.