Trump-Endorsed Candidate Reveals Seven-Point Border Plan

In an interview on April 4th, Arizona Republican Congressional candidate Abe Hamadeh outlined his seven-point plan for the border that he intends to deliver to the United States House of Representatives.

Hamadeh characterized the current situation at the border as an invasion rather than a mere crisis, and he promised to introduce legislation to seal off the border and halt illegal migration if elected to Congress.

Hamadeh has received the endorsement of former President Trump.

According to Hamadeh, a torrent of known terrorists and record amounts of narcotics are crossing the border, leading to violence and chaos. We are facing an invasion on our southern border, not just another crisis.

His 7-Point Border Plan:

The completion of President Trump’s border wall initiative was ended on President Biden’s first day in office.  It caused unprecedented amounts of illegal immigration (including migrants with terrorist affiliations), crime, and narcotics. Biden caused these issues.

Hamadeh stated his firm belief in the effectiveness of the portions of Trump’s wall system constructed to discourage illegal immigration. He also supports Trump’s efforts to protect the southern border and vowed to continue building the wall.

Label Cartels as Terrorist Organizations.

There is no separation between human trafficking, drug smuggling, and money laundering. Smuggling people over the US/Mexico border earns cartels and coyotes approximately $13 billion annually.

Uphold Existing Legislation.

A big problem is that the laws that are already in existence are not being enforced. Criminal activity wouldn’t breach our border if there were real deterrents and repercussions for their unlawful operations.

Get President Trump’s MPP reinstated: The DHS implemented “Migrant Protection Protocols.” Under this mandate, asylum claimants were compelled to remain in Mexico to await their immigration hearings in the United States. As of June 20, 2022, this policy was ended under Biden.

The Zero Tolerance Policy: Those who violate the law by entering our nation illegally will be deported immediately.

Put a Stop to Foreign Aid: If a nation refuses to cooperate with the US to curb uncontrolled immigration, the US should cut off all foreign assistance to that country.

Support and Funding for Customs and Border Patrol: The Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) faces many problems with resources, space, and loopholes. We should ensure that they are equipped with the necessary items to carry out their duties efficiently.

The complete plan is here.