Shout Nazi-Inspired Slogan

Last week, radical students screamed on university campuses around the country, including Princeton, Tufts, Maryland, and more.

Their desire for “one solution” to the Jewish state’s “problem” is reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s so-called Final Solution, and with good reason: The Nazis served as an inspiration for the chant.

“Intifada,” an Arabic word meaning multiple waves of terrorism against Israeli citizens commencing in the late 1980s, including bombings of innocent citizens.

Their demands for a ceasefire and a violent revolution are mutually exclusive and instead expose the protestors as people who want Israel to stop defending itself while encouraging Hamas to continue attacking Israeli citizens. Hamas and Nazis share an ideology that leads them to demand a single violent “solution” to the problem of Jews and the Jewish state.

Article 13 of the Hamas Covenant from 1988, which states, “There is no solution for the Palestinian dilemma except through Jihad,” is where the term “there is only one answer” comes from.

The same covenant says that “it is feasible for the adherents of the three religions—Islam, Christianity, and Judaism—to cohabit in peace with each other,” but that this condition of harmony “would not be achievable unless under the wing of Islam.”

This means that Hamas thinks the only way Jews and Christians can live in peace is if they are subject to the caliphate.

Hamas adopted this statement from the Muslim Brotherhood’s close collaborator, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini. During the years 1941–1945, Husseini was a resident in Nazi Germany, where he helped the Nazi cause by, among other things, spreading Nazi propaganda throughout the Arab world through radio broadcasts.

Husseini, like Hamas today, erroneously accused Israel of genocide while holding genocidal objectives itself. He claimed that Jews wanted to “wipe out the Arabs and Islam” while simultaneously hailing the Nazis for “deciding to find a definite solution to the Jewish peril.”

“Useful idiots” are now shouting that there is only one solution- the intifada revolution- during pro-Hamas demonstrations on college campuses.

They are today’s Hitler Youth.