Report Reveals Biden’s Obvious Mental Decline

Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer suggested last week that Americans have witnessed President Biden’s diminished mental capacity “on a daily basis” since he took office, The Hill reported.

In discussing the final report from special counsel Robert Hur during an appearance on Fox’s “Sunday Morning Futures” on February 11, Comer expressed surprise that Hur would “state the obvious in writing” about Biden’s cognitive decline.

In his final report, Hur explained that while the president retained and shared classified documents, no charges against him were being recommended. He explained that a jury was unlikely to convict Biden because they would view him as a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.”

In his report, Hur also revealed that during Biden’s interview with the special counsel in October, the president couldn’t remember what years he served as vice president, nor could he remember the year his son Beau died.

Hur’s comments about Biden’s failing memory infuriated the president and prompted him to hold an unscheduled press conference on February 8.

During the press conference, Biden blasted the special counsel for daring to bring up the death of his son, telling reporters that when he was asked about Beau during his October interview, he thought, “it wasn’t any of their damn business.”

However, according to a February 14 report from NBC News, the special counsel’s office did not bring up the death of Beau Biden when they interviewed the president. It was Joe Biden who brought it up.

Two sources familiar with the president’s 5-hour interview with the special counsel said Biden brought up Beau’s death when he was trying to recall what was going on in 2017 when he told his ghostwriter about the “classified stuff” in the basement office of his Virginia home.

According to the sources, Biden remembered the month and day of Beau’s death but forgot the year (2015).

Comer also told Fox host Maria Bartiromo that the Oversight Committee was interested in obtaining information about any classified documents Biden retained that related to China and Ukraine.