Pentagon Releases Update On Suspected Chinese Balloon

Over the last several decades, the state of America’s manufacturing industry has worsened. Indeed, the overall manufacturing and industrial power of the nation has been on a decline for some time, and even in the present things continue to deteriorate in terms of the availability and stability of solid-paying, reliable industrial and production jobs. With the rise of free trade which has occurred over the last half century (and even prior), manufacturing power in America has diminished. In comparison to the 1970s and prior, manufacturing strength in the United States at the present is laughable. Automation is another key reason for the loss of stable jobs, as technological innovations have eliminated many manufacturing jobs and made human employees obsolete.

Much of the reason for this decline has been due to the elimination in restrictive tariffs which had long protected American industry and workers. These had largely prevented domestic corporations from outsourcing production, (as the costs of importing goods back into the country did not compete with the cost of domestic production due to high duties). Tariffs gradually diminished on many key products since world war two, but it was not until President Bill Clinton and NAFTA- or the North American Free Trade Agreement (which was ratified in 1994), that the “train really fell off the rails”. Between 2000 and 2019 alone, millions of manufacturing jobs were lost- again, largely due to free trade agreements that have emboldened corporations to outsource production to save costs. America continues to hold many trade deficits with other nations, including China, a rival.

In recent news, China has once again made headlines in the United States. Last year, a Chinese balloon was uncovered over the United States that had many individuals worried about the national security of America. Recently, another balloon was a high altitude balloon was detected by the Pentagon, which claims it was likely a “hobby” project and not related to the CCP.