Kamala Readies To Serve If Biden Is Unfit

In the midst of mounting worries, particularly among Democrat Party members, about President Biden’s mental ability and age, Vice President Kamala Harris has stated her readiness to serve.

Harris made the comment in an interview that took place last week, just before the report detailing Biden’s handling of sensitive materials was released by Special Counsel Robert Hur.  His report said that the President’s recall had considerably diminished.

In an interview, Harris said unequivocally that she is capable of leading and she was “ready to serve.” She went on to say that everyone who sees her work would agree.

New questions about Biden’s mental health have arisen in light of remarks made in the report by special counsel Robert Hur regarding the President’s age and recollection. According to Hur’s assessment, Biden would have a defense as a kind, well-intentioned, old guy with a bad memory, which is why he should not be charged with mishandling classified data.

According to several polls, an overwhelming majority of voters (76%) are very concerned about Joe Biden’s mental competence and advanced age. But this hasn’t stopped Biden from maintaining the backing of some party heavyweights and friends.

Following last week’s publication of the Hur report, Republicans seized the opportunity to damage Biden, but Democrats have started to acknowledge and worry about Biden’s age and the impact on the electability.

According to Democrat strategist James Carville, President Biden’s rejection of an interview opportunity on Super Bowl Sunday showed there was no confidence in the administration. The interview, according to Carville, would have given the President a chance to engage with people as it usually draws a vast viewership. He believed the administration was sending a bad message by their unwillingness to engage.

Paul Begala, a fellow ex-Clinton aide, said that the Democrats suffered greatly as a result of Biden’s reaction to Hur’s criticism of his recall.

He recommended that the President switch gears and start attacking his opponents instead of protecting himself. As a result, people are talking about how old Biden is and whether or not he is mentally sharp.

Hillary Clinton, who ran a poor campaign for President in 2016, said that Biden’s maturity was a valid concern even before the Hur report.