Haley Relying On Dems & Never-Trumpers To Close Gap

Reports show the former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley is still trying to get her party’s presidential nomination, even though she’s been criticized by the Republican Party and by Trump’s campaign. South Carolina is an open primary state. In her fight to overcome dismal opinion within her native state, she found an unexpected supporter among Democrats.

Because President Joe Biden has tried to advance the Democrat primary, those who were unable to vote earlier in February had the opportunity to vote in the Republican primary last Saturday.

Nikki Haley has indicated that she would not withdraw from the fight for the presidency in 2024 despite Trump trouncing her in the primary.

Soon after the polls closed, predictions indicated that Trump would emerge victorious, and he went on to win all of the state’s delegates (50).

Former President Trump received 59.8 percent of the votes, while Haley received 39.5 percent.

Haley, a former United Nations Ambassador and the governor of South Carolina, has pledged to continue running for president despite the fact that she has been beaten by Trump in every primary so far.

One of Haley’s most prominent boosters has given up on supporting her campaign with the latest loss.

Reports indicate that after her defeat on Saturday, Americans for Prosperity Action, a nonprofit associated with Republican billionaire Charles Koch, has announced that it would no longer support her campaign.

A report cited an email from Americans for Prosperity (AFP) CEO Emily Seidel in which she announced that Haley will no longer receive funds from AFP Action, the group’s political arm.  Despite Seidel stating her support for Haley’s determination to continue fighting, she also said that they did not believe that any outside group could assist her in winning any of the future primary contests.