Netflix’s Basic Plan to Shut Down in June: Here’s What You Can Do

After previously closing the Basic plan to new customers, Netflix is now notifying current users via email that their accounts will be deactivated on June 4th.

Since the Basic plan is more costly than its Standard “With Ads” tier, Netflix is promoting the shift as an upgrade. Standard With Ads, however, does include advertisements. Basic does not.

The ad-supported tier will remain accessible, but the basic tier, which is somewhat more costly but ad-free, will not. Customers are not happy about the changes and have been vocal about them on social media, even though Netflix’s intentions to do so were publicized last summer. In a protest to Netflix’s policy, math, and service, several users voiced their intention to cancel their subscriptions in the event of such a change.

The Basic with Ads tier is now $7/month, the Standard tier is $15.50/month, and the Premium tier is $23/month for those who don’t just give up and go elsewhere. There are plenty of alternative streaming video choices available. In addition, specific material is effectively paywalled, so if you want access to all of Netflix’s titles, you’ll have to jump into the more expensive tiers. Even though it’s a considerable price bump, Netflix probably thinks their video game content will help keep people around.

In the UK, on June 4th, your Basic membership will expire, and the Standard With Ads plan will take its place automatically unless you opt out of it. You can get 1080p Full HD for £4.99 a month. There is no high dynamic range (HDR) or spatial audio, but you may download or stream to two devices. According to Netflix, “Just a few minutes per hour” is all the advertising will last.

No one living under the same roof may be added to a Standard With Ads membership; each household member must purchase their subscription.

Netflix Standard, the first tier of ad-free subscriptions, is now £10.99 per month. For an additional £6 per month, you may enjoy 1080p on two devices, just like the Standard With Ads plan. The only difference is that you won’t have to deal with ads.

The £17.99 Premium package is the other choice. It’s also ad-free, but with the additional money, you get 4K with HDR and spatial audio when available. Downloads may reach six devices, while streams can reach four.

Extra member slots may be added to both ad-free programs for those not living under the same roof. In addition to the membership cost, they add a further £4.99 per person, per month.