Netanyahu Fears ICC Issuing Arrest Warrant Against Him & Israeli Ministers

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, and critical military officers may be subject to arrest warrants issued by the International Criminal Court as early as this week, causing Israel great alarm.

Israel and Palestinian militants are both being investigated by the ICC for potential war crimes that may have occurred during the Israel-Hamas conflict in 2014. Officials in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza claim that Israel’s military onslaught, which began in response to the terror attacks on October 7th and is led by Hamas, has killed more than 34,000 people. This report comes as pressure is growing on Israel to end the war.

Warrants issued by Karim Khan, according to anonymous Israeli sources, will be delivered this week. The claims stem from the October 7 tragedy and the refusal to supply humanitarian relief, as well as from allegations of extreme violence. These warrants might potentially be issued for the leaders of Hamas, who killed 1,200 Israelis on October 7, and the US is allegedly trying to stop them. Each of the 123 member nations of the ICC must turn over the people in question if they enter their territory after the warrants have been issued. It may potentially cause economic sanctions or an arms embargo on Israel.

The failure of the attorney general and army attorneys to take more action to stop Israel from breaking international law is, according to some legal experts, their responsibility. There has been no improvement in the worldwide reaction to the conflict in Gaza as a result of the actions of Israeli leaders and the dissemination of videos showing Israeli troops misbehaving online.

The world community has taken issue with Israel’s strategy for eliminating the terrorist organization Hamas in light of recent developments in Gaza. Israeli accusations that Hamas is hiding out in refugee camps, together with reports of mass graves near the Nasser and al Shifa hospitals, have prompted indignation. Israel has also killed seven innocent foreign humanitarian workers. A disturbing video showing a Palestinian man being shot and killed by Israeli tankers in January went viral in Gaza as he was carrying a white flag. In addition to cutting off gasoline supplies to the Gaza Strip on October 12, Israel also cut off the city’s water and power. Israeli “collective punishment” was considered a war crime by UN experts who issued a warning at the time.

More children have been murdered in the last six months of this war than in the previous four years of world combat, according to the United Nations. The Gaza health ministry, which Hamas governs, has put the death toll at over 34,000. It has also come to light that Israeli troops have been seen posting distorted videos of their activities in Palestine on social media. The US is contemplating penalizing the Netzah Yehuda organization, an Israeli brigade that has been linked to many allegations of abuse.