GOP Lawmaker Cancelled For Social Media Post

Election day 2023 occurred on November 7th of that year. No major federal office holders were up for re-election this general election cycle. Since 2023 is an “odd” year, elections that are being held this season are local in nature. In New Jersey, the entirety of the state legislature is up for re-election, and while the state is a “blue state” at the federal level, the nature of state level politics is different. Many major media outlets remain focused on the upcoming 2024 presidential election. In the Democratic party, Joe Biden (the incumbent President) appears all but certain to earn his party’s nomination for the presidency once again. Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. Robert Kennedy Jr. will be running as an independent candidate in the election, but will likely do more harm to the Republican candidate than he will to the Democratic nominee as the far-left voters of the party widely rejected him when he attempted to run as a Democrat.

In the Republican party, the former president Donald Trump is the party frontrunner in a shrinking field of candidates, enjoying a massive double digit lead. Despite this, Trump remains severely vulnerable. Many Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump, and he currently faces four criminal indictments, with several surrounding the January 6th incidents. One federal prosecutor in charge of prosecuting individuals involved in the incident has announced that he will run for Congress, and is campaigning on a platform in which he openly supports government censorship and a restriction of the first amendment.

In another recent development, a Republican from the state of Michigan has lost his entire staff and a committee assignment after a social media post. The state level representative named Josh Schriver posted on “X” with a photo of non-whites outnumbering whites writing “The great replacement!”. The Democrat speaker of the House in Michigan named Joe Tate; a Democrat reacted angrily to the post.