Cops Seek Man Who Allegedly Hid Camera In Changing Stall

Over the last several years, the United States has been engulfed in a “cold” cultural war. While this conflict has been nonviolent much of the time, it has spread to nearly every aspect of average American life. Since the presidential election of 2016 and the inauguration of Donald Trump in early 2017 (and even prior), conservatives and progressives have clashed at state and federal levels of governance and in public spheres of influence for control of the culture and social direction of the nation. Indeed, progressives and far-left Democrats have enjoyed serious victories over many decades, and the state of contemporary American culture is extremely different and often muddled in comparison to its historic cohesion and common integrity.

Progressives have been on a rampage, and for many years have sought to revise American history, painting the exceptional past of the union as troubled and inherently “racist”. Notable historical figures that contributed greatly to the development of the modern United States have been slandered, regardless of their contributions. This culture war has spread to the public education system. Radical progressives have championed the LGBTQ community and now seek to openly promote the interests of this minority group in public education curriculums. In the state of New Jersey, new mandates have instituted transgender curriculum guidelines for children as young as kindergarten age. America’s children are at risk. Recently, a Maryland teacher was charged for engaging in lewd acts with students. Melissa Mae Curtis, aged 31, (from Maryland), interacted lewdly with a middle schooler; it is believed there may be additional victims.

In yet another sickening recent development, a man is on the run and wanted by authorities in Oregon. The individual, hailing from Washington County, Oregon, had placed hidden cameras inside changing rooms at a clothing store in order to record people. His image was found on the recording device which was later located by authorities. In the present, he remains unidentified.