CNN Parent Company CEO Demands Both Sides Reported of Each Issue

Since the early days of 24/7 cable news, CNN has been labeled a “left-leaning network.” Those days may be ending if Warner Brothers Discovery CEO David Zaslav has his way.

Zaslav told a media and telecom conference in New York City that his network needs to rebrand itself and start showing both sides of every issue.

He claims CNN has the best journalists anywhere in the world and feels CNN should be the “go-to” place for good journalism and the best version of the truth in all issues covered. 

Zaslav credited CNN CEO Chris Licht for his hard work in trying to move the cable news network closer to the center of the political spectrum. He claims one of their goals is to have “Republicans back on the air.” 

According to a story in Variety, during the roller coaster days of the Kevin McCarthy election for Speaker of the House, CNN hosted 75 Republican House members, and 41 of those appeared on CNN before they were guests on Fox News. 

Zaslav’s remarks were meant to clear the air regarding CNN’s abrupt change of political direction. However, two reporters did not get the memo. 

In her commencement address to graduates at the Columbia School of Journalism, CNN anchor Christine Amanpour questioned Licht’s decision to produce a New Hampshire town hall featuring former president Donald Trump. 

Amanpour is not the only anchor falling out of favor at CNN. Many CNN personalities have privately voiced their negative opinion of the network hosting the Trump town hall. 

Another CNN reporter, Oliver Darcy, was called on the carpet by CNN CEO Chris Licht for his negative coverage of the Trump town hall.

The meeting included Darcy’s editor, Jon Passantino, CNN communications chief Kris Coratti, Virginia Moseley, CNN’s editorial executive vice president, and Rachel Smolkin, the senior vice president of global news.

Darcy was told to curb his emotion and remain dispassionate in the future when covering news on CNN or any other organization in the media. Darcy is reported to have been “shaken up” following the meeting.