Chinese National Caught By ICE After Marijuana Bust

On October 18th, 2023, the media outlet Daily Mail U.K. reported that the mother of Natalee Holloway stated that the case surrounding her daughters murder was solved. A man named Joran van der Sloot admitted to committing the murder. Holloway was murdered in 2005. Allegedly, Van Der Sloot murdered Holloway when she was 18 years old on the island of Aruba in the Caribbean. Van Der Sleet, now aged 36, was charged with extortion and wire fraud in a plea deal with law enforcement and judicial officials after he agreed to take responsibility for and confess to the details of the crime. Van Der Sloot had harassed the parents of Holloway. He had previously corresponded with the couple via e-mail and attempted to extort them by claiming he would divulge the location of Natalee’s body if they would pay him $250,000.

Van Der Sloot is a Dutch national but was charged in the United States The tragic missing person’s case has received widespread public and media attention for the eighteen years that have passed since Holloway first went missing in 2005. Van der Sloot alleged that he met Natalee at a bar on the island of Aruba. After a brief interaction, the two headed to the beach, where they began kissing. After Van der Sloot attempted to move the affair to a more intimate level, Holloway refused. When he persisted, Natalee kicked him in his crotch. Quickly reacting, Van Der Sloot stood up and kicked her in the face, which caused Holloway to become unconscious.

Crime is not just isolated to the Caribbean. The southern border of the United States remains porous and thousands of migrants continue to enter each day. In a recent development, a Chinese national with massive quantities of marijuana was apprehended at the border- proof that drug smugglers, criminals and traffickers from all over the world have been exploiting the border on an almost daily basis.