Biden Makes Slew Of Gaffes At UN

A report revealed that President Biden seemed befuddled again when he ran into a big Brazillian flag at the UN and then went off stage without shaking the hand of Brazil’s president, apparently offending him.

As he entered the platform, the oldest sitting US president stepped right into the massive Brazilian flag, and he had to take a second to steady himself as the banner wobbled.

Then, during a joint address promising to collaborate on workers’ rights, he fumbled with the headset of his translation system, which was quickly spotted by Brazilian President Luiz InĂ¡cio Lula da Silva.

The Brazilian head of state asked President Biden if he could hear him. He then suggested it was a historic event for Brazil and the United States.

Lula again asked President Biden if he could hear him when he did not reply right away.
He faced the 80-year-old Biden, who cocked his head in response and fiddled with his headset the whole time Lula spoke. Biden finally gave up and wrinkled his brow in exasperation.

At the conclusion of the presser, Biden shook hands with Gilbert Huongbo, the director general of the International Labor Organization, but he turned and walked away when Lula extended his hand. Biden waved awkwardly to the crowd and saluted before leaving the stage.

It’s the latest embarrassing slip-up from Biden, who is running for president again in 2024 despite growing worries about his age.

Hours after it was reported that the president was working with a rehabilitation professional and utilizing shorter steps to prevent more trip-ups, President Biden stumbled and almost went down the stairwell of Air Force One on Tuesday.

Video of the incident quickly went viral, adding fuel to the fire that had been stoked by reports that Biden had been doing exercises for balance to prevent future public falls as his staff worries over polls showing that the majority of Americans believe he is far too old for a second term in office.

Biden tends to be prone to mishaps on board Air Force One. On three occasions in March of 2021, his feet got tangled up trying to board Air Force One.