Biden Impeachment Effort Accused Of Utter Failure

According to a study by the Congressional Integrity Project (a private leftwing group not affiliated with any government agency), House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer has wasted eight months trying to find evidence of misconduct by President Joe Biden. The group claims that time and time, Comer has inflated claims of bribery and corruption against Biden without providing any proof to back them up. They say that the political dangers that House Republicans face upon their return to Capitol Hill are highlighted by the absence of a case.

Allegations that Biden meddled with his son Hunter’s international company while serving as vice president have been investigated by Comer and his colleagues, but after holding dozens of hearings and poring through transcripts of interviews and memoranda, they have been unable to locate any evidence to support their charges.

The Congressional Integrity Project has published a report documenting many claims that have shrunk in light of closer examination. Comer’s assertions that he had proof of “federal crimes committed,” as well as his invocation of “deep state” conspiracy theories and his assertion that his whistleblowers “fear for their lives,” are included in the report.

A member of the House oversight committee who worked with Comer responded to him to point out that the two people he had identified as “whistleblowers” were not, in fact, such.

In June, Comer said that former New York mayor turned Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani had nothing to do with the alleged bribery claims against Biden. The study notes that the main issue with Comer’s strong claims is that they are unfounded.

The House Oversight Committee heard from Hunter Biden’s business colleague Devon Archer in July, but Archer did not provide proof of a conflict of interest between Joe Biden and his son’s business operations. Comer wasn’t even in the room throughout the hearing.

Comer issued a document in early August that falsely accused Biden of accepting payments from foreign governments. Comer’s standing within the Republican party and donor support has increased thanks to his pursuit of Biden, which has garnered much media attention. Even though the case involves his private conduct and has nothing to do with the presidency, the news that prosecutors are pursuing a grand jury indictment against Hunter Biden on a gun possession charge by the end of September will likely give fresh impetus to Republicans seeking an impeachment inquiry.