Biden Falls Behind In Key Battleground Counties

A nightmare scenario seems to be unfolding right in front of liberals’ eyes in Pennsylvania, where polling is showing that voters in many of the state’s counties are leaning toward former President Donald Trump and away from current President Joe Biden.

Pennsylvania is one of the major projected swing states that is expected to have a huge impact on the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

In just the past few weeks, multiple polls have shown damaging results for Biden, all of which are suggesting that the president could have a tough time winning re-election against Trump, who is expected to be his ultimate challenger in the race.

In fact, some people in the Democratic Party have yet again called on Biden to not run for re-election, as his prospects of actually winning the White House again seem grim.

A new survey released by Big Data Poll revealed that, in Pennsylvania, voters are increasingly being swayed by Trump’s message, and moving away from Biden and liberals. The poll asked voters who they would cast their vote for if the presidential election were to be held today, and the results showed that Trump is ahead of Biden by 3.5 points in Pennsylvania.

The poll was taken of 1,382 registered Pennsylvania voters between November 16 and November 19. The sampling error for the poll is 2.6%, so it’s not as if Trump has a huge lead over Biden. That being said, any lead at all at this point is huge for the former president, especially considering he’s going up against the current president who’s in the White House.

The survey also revealed that the counties that were behind Trump included Lehigh, Northampton, Monroe and Lackawanna. Those will be key counties for both presidential candidates, as voters could go either way – unlike Philadelphia County, for instance, which is almost assuredly going to heavily lean toward Biden and Democrats.

One of the main reasons why Biden won the presidential election in 2020 was that he was able to flip Pennsylvania. He only won the Keystone State by a margin of 1.17%, though. The election before that, in 2016, Trump took Pennsylvania, but by an even smaller margin of 0.72%.

Big Data Poll’s director, Rich Baris, said that the data from the poll puts Biden’s re-election campaign in “jeopardy.” As he explained:

Look at Trump’s strength in Allegheny County, and frankly, even in Philadelphia County. Plus, where he performs the strongest juxtaposed to other Republicans, meaning the Northeast, is just stunning.

“Regarding the Northeast, this time the following counties are really in jeopardy for Joe Biden: Lackawanna and Monroe. Plus eastern central counties: Northampton and Lehigh, and Southeastern: (potentially) Bucks.”

This poll follows one released by Siena College and The New York Times in early November that showed that Trump was being backed by voters at a margin of between 4% to 10% in five of the six most important projected battleground states for the 2024 election.

Of those states, Biden is having problems in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Michigan, Georgia and Arizona, and while he is ahead in Wisconsin, it’s only by 2%.