Anti-Trumpers Fat Shame Him & His Supporters

Men are being recruited by a network of white nationalist fitness clubs across the United States in preparation for what they perceive as an impending race war.

These “active clubs” groups aim to attract disillusioned white men by providing a sense of community and frequent gatherings for martial arts and exercise. Nevertheless, their extremist views are displayed in their Telegram channels, which are packed with Neo-Nazi imagery, racist and antisemitic memes, and news items that are derogatory towards LGBTQ+ and people of color.

In recent years, white extremists in the US have increasingly found radicalization opportunities inside active clubs. They see a racial conflict as inevitable, and they are preparing for it. A former club member spoke out about how the organization would progressively inculcate radical ideology in newcomers through racist jokes and discussion of news reports involving attacks on white people by members of other ethnic groups.

Although the majority of club members refrain from openly violent behavior, there are a few who have been known to threaten those who dare to cross them, especially journalists. Notable members of the Tennessee active club include Neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier Sean Kauffman, who has threatened local journalists, activists, and politicians.

Concerns about political extremism and challenges to democracy have risen to the forefront of American voters’ minds in the current politically divided atmosphere. Former President Trump had the support of several far-right groups, but now they are critical of him for failing to further their extreme agenda.

Trump and his followers have been the targets of ridicule and fat shaming from some clubs.

There is a widespread belief among these organizations that a white ethnostate can arise from society’s collapse since no political solution can be found. A bloody uprising, a racial war, is what they perceive as necessary to achieve their goal.