Zelensky Claims EU Is Next If Putin Defeats Ukraine

Since President Joe Biden entered the oval office in January of 2021, the state of politics in both international and domestic affairs for the United States has been poor. Indeed, at every turn it seems that problem after problem continues to engulf the nation in fiscal, social, and foreign regards. At the southern border, millions of illegal migrants are estimated to have entered the country over the last several years, with tens of thousands continuously crossing. Biden, a stalwart opponent to former President Trumps policies which had mitigated illegal immigration, reversed much of the measures implemented by the 45th president upon entering the White House. Inflation has soared to epic proportions, and reached levels not witnessed in four decades during the fall of 2022, hurting the already shrinking middle class.

But it is perhaps the international climate which poses an equal threat to America’s well-being in comparison to the country’s domestic problems. Following Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan in the summer of 2021, Vladimir Putin and Russia invaded the eastern European nation of Ukraine in the winter of 2022. The two nations have been locked in a bloody stalemated conflict since its commencement. While Russia made initially swift gains in territory, a strong resistance from Ukrainian forces caused the country to change its objectives, and the conflict has been concentrated in the eastern portion of the country for over a year.

In an address in early October at a summit in Spain, the leader of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed about fifty leaders of respective European nations. Zelenskyy continued to call for assistance from the EU and claimed that the Ukrainian war effort must be supported by every western nation in the region. Zelenskyy asserted that if Ukraine should falter in the conflict, that Russia would threaten neighboring nations and poses the threat of invasion. He stated that by 2028, Russia would have the power to invade other countries in Europe.