Wife Of Tycoon Lost Millions Due To Gambling Addiction

43-year-old Juliana ‘Leah’ Posman ran up massive debts betting on the DAX index in Germany. She planned to deceive her creditors and avoid bankruptcy by concealing her financial situation. 

After being convicted guilty of fraud on Friday, she was given a suspended sentence. This is not the first time Posman has used deception to obtain funds for her gambling habit. Her ex-husband, Christopher Forte, revealed in 2018 that she told him she needed a lot of money to prove she had £5 million in assets to secure a visa.

Posman was taken into custody on charges of falsely representing material facts to creditor approval. The jury agreed on one count of false representation and found her guilty. The judge, Stephen Mooney, suspended 12 months of her sentence.

After Julianna Posman neglected to disclose her £90,000 debt to CMC Spread Bet, she was arrested and charged with making a false representation to get the consent of creditors. 

Posman, who migrated to the UK at age 20, married Mr. Forte in Egham, Surrey, where they both worked in the information technology industry in 2010.

Warren Roiter wrote to Mr. Forte in 2016 to reveal that he and another man lent Posman $3.5 million. Posman claimed she had given her brother £750,000, her parents £250,000, and several million spread bets when she returned to their posh Balham, south London, flat. 

Mr. Forte says he loaned her $45,000, and his retired parents gave her $131,000. Posman was taken into custody on charges of falsely representing material facts to creditor approval. 

Julianna Posman was found guilty of fraudulent representation and given a 12-month sentence with 18 months suspended.

She had entered an IVA without including the gambling debt on her application, despite being advised to include it. She was found guilty by a unanimous jury on one count of false representation and given a 12-month suspended sentence. A representative for the Insolvency Service stated that the conviction should serve as an example to others that attempting to avoid debt in this manner is entirely unacceptable. 

In 2010, while working for a company in Egham, Surrey, Posman met her future spouse, a graduate of Lancing College in West Sussex. In 2014, at the Grosvenor Hotel in London.

Mr. Forte married her in a civil wedding that cost £20,000. 

Posman began demanding significant sums of money from him, but in 2016, Mr. Forte got a letter from Warren Roiter, who revealed the truth.