Trump Slams Haley After Devastating Super Tuesday Losses

Former President Donald Trump recently expressed his disapproval of fellow Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, calling her “crazy” and an “irate person.” In an interview on “The Mark Levin Show,” Trump criticized Haley for launching a presidential bid against him after stating that she would not. It was later reported that Haley would suspend her campaign.

Trump pointed out Haley’s earlier commitments to not compete against him, noting, “She consistently stated for over two years, ‘I will never, ever challenge this president. He was the finest president I’ve seen in my life. He was an excellent president. I will never run.’ Yet, I began to hear rumors she might enter the race, and then she confirmed her candidacy.”

The former president expressed his disappointment in Haley’s change in attitude towards him. She holds up a piece of false paper and tells many false things.”

Trump also accused Haley of lying in polls about her performance against President Joe Biden. He claimed that he beat Biden significantly, while Haley became “furious” and “just getting nowhere.”

In recent polling averages, Trump leads Biden by 2.1 percentage points in a hypothetical general election match-up, whereas Haley leads Biden by 3.7 percentage points. Trump criticized Haley for celebrating her third-place finish in Iowa and suggested that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who came in second in Iowa before suspending his bid and endorsing Trump, was also taken aback by her remarks.

Trump described Haley’s behavior in New Hampshire, where she declared herself the winner despite her loss: “She rushed onto the stage and began to proclaim victory, leaving him bewildered. He was in disbelief. Psychologically, that had a significant impact.”

He further commented on Haley’s declining numbers and described her as angry. Trump concluded, “So we’ll see if she straightens out. Maybe she will.”

Nikki Haley’s presidential bid has faced criticism from the former president, highlighting the shifting dynamics within the Republican party as the race for the 2024 presidency begins to take shape.