Trump Makes Big Promise To “Globalists” 

( In response to President Joe Biden’s rambling speech in Poland, in which he vowed to keep funding the war with Russia indefinitely, President Donald Trump declared that he would defeat and oust all the insane warmongers and “globalists” inhabiting U.S. National Security. 

Reports show that Trump has been discussing Agenda 47 to eliminate the globalist elite that has bungled every key foreign policy decision for decades. 

Trump said that with the correct leadership, the Ukrainian issue could be resolved in a day and that by the conclusion of his term in office, the warmongering fraudsters and failures who have occupied the highest levels of government in the United States would have been removed. 

According to a report, while speaking at the G-20 financial meeting in India, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen announced that the United States would provide $10 billion to Ukraine in the coming months.

Janet Yellen has asked the International Monetary Fund to increase its aid to Ukraine. 

A report showed Trump declared that we would soon have a new team of capable national security leaders who would put the protection of America’s critical interests first. 

His advice was to investigate the internationalist warmonger financiers who are supporting the opponents. They are war-promoting candidates. Donald Trump campaigned on a platform of bringing peace via the use of military might, and he claims to be that president. 

Trump also said that the likelihood of World War Three occurring was higher today than at any time in the past. Trump said he is the first president in decades who didn’t start a war, adding that we need to clear the house of all the warmongers, ‘America Last’ globalists, from the State Department to the Military-Industrial Complex of the United States. 

Trump went on to suggest that under his presidency, lobbyists and large defense companies wouldn’t be able to steer our top military and national security leaders into conflicts that would pay off for them financially after they retired.