Top Democrat Rushed To Surgery After Injury

An American senator spent much of April in the hospital due to March Madness-related mishap.

On Saturday, Senator Richard Blumenthal, age 77, was injured when he fell during a celebratory parade for the University of Connecticut’s Basketball team.

UCONN won it all this year.

Blumenthal will need surgery to fix a fracture in his femur.

The Connecticut senator was among the thousands of fans celebrating UConn’s victory in the NCAA March Madness title when a fellow procession participant slipped and fell on top of him, fracturing his femur.

Blumenthal joked that he simply has a thing for parades. Blumenthal said on Twitter that he was honored to be present. GO HUSKIES, he added.

A routine procedure has been scheduled for Sunday for the 77-year-old “simply to make sure everything heals appropriately,” as he put it on Twitter. He anticipates a full recovery following the operation.

One of Senator Blumenthal’s senatorial colleagues from Connecticut, Chris Murphy, was also at the parade and complimented Blumenthal for his bravery in continuing to participate in the festivities, despite the broken leg. 

After suffering a shattered femur, the other Democrat in Connecticut wrote, “FYI, he got up, dusted himself off, and FINISHED THE PARADE.” He said it was the most ludicrous thing ever.

Representative for Connecticut Matt Blumenthal wrote on Twitter that his dad was

firm as a rock and will be 100% again.

Around 45,000 people showed up to celebrate UConn’s fifth try at capturing the men’s basketball national title on Saturday, as reported by NBC Connecticut.

On April 4 in Houston, Texas, UConn won the national title with a lopsided 76-59 win against San Diego State, prompting celebratory events such as a parade and a rally. The opposing team was San Diego State.

The Democratic-controlled Senate will be on recess until April 17, giving Blumenthal a week to recover from surgery without interfering with legislation. The Democrats have a slim 51-49 majority in the Senate.