Taliban Patrols The Streets In Roller Blades

There’s a video of Taliban troops in Kabul, Afghanistan, doing something very un-Taliban-like.

Recent videos purporting to depict the Taliban’s security troops in the Afghan capital of Kabul show a battalion of roller-bladed, AK-47-wielding men patrolling the crowded streets.

Yadullah Marvi, who calls himself a “parkour athlete in the city,” published the footage on YouTube.

Militants in the video seemed to be wearing camouflage uniforms to which were affixed black and white Velcro flags of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the name given to the government set up by the Taliban when the United States withdrew its support.

The terrorists race forward in the spaces between lanes as they neared crossings and traffic, hoping to halt crossing traffic or compel vehicles to make way for them. Several passengers lean out their windows for a better view, and nearly everyone in the vehicles is recording on their phones.

The video featured campaign-style music and what sounded like sirens on the trucks as they navigated busy junctions. The film included multiple Ford pickup trucks transformed into technical or non-standard tactical vehicles, which are often armed with a machine gun of some type. The rollerbladers are skitching when people on wheels grab onto the side of a moving vehicle and ride alongside it.

Perhaps the sight of American trucks is a reminder of the military hardware that was abandoned in Afghanistan following President Biden’s catastrophic pullout.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tweeted to X, previously Twitter, saying intelligence warnings that the Taliban would rapidly take over were disregarded, and billions of dollars in U.S. military assets were delivered to the Taliban. Afghanistan has once again become a terror haven as the Taliban destroys rights for women under its tyrannical rule since one of the biggest foreign policy catastrophes in U.S. history.