Suicide Vests For Kids Discovered In Hamas Supplies

Israeli soldiers discovered a Hamas weapons facility inside a residential building in the northern Gaza Strip. Intelligence papers, hundreds of grenades, explosive belts designed for youngsters, and dozens of mortar rounds were also found inside the property.

Several terrorists were killed in an aircraft attack after being spotted by the IDF forces as they were leaving the facility. In Jabalya, Israeli forces, backed by aircraft and artillery, killed seven terrorists. The destruction of four surveillance assets belonged to Hamas.

Terrorists have been being killed in close-quarters fighting by the Givati Brigade operating in Khan Yunishas for three weeks. Within the heart of Khan Yunis, guerrilla warfare specialists from the IDF’s Egoz Unit have been engaged in combat alongside the Givati Brigade, targeting Hamas positions. As soon as they saw the terrorist, the troops began firing, killing him instantly. Later on, while searching the area, the terrorist’s corpse, firearm, and GoPro camera were discovered.

After sending forensic teams there on Monday, Israel is still trying to figure out whether hostages were kept there. Suicide bomb vests, grenades, assault rifles (AK-47), explosive devices, RPGs, and other weaponry were discovered in the hospital basement. According to Israel, Hamas has been hiding its military infrastructure in hospitals for a long time, which has forced Israel to reduce its assault or face more civilian deaths.

Nearly 11,000 Palestinians have lost their lives since the conflict started; this number includes almost 6,000 women and children. Over 200 terrorist operatives from Hamas and Islamic Jihad were transferred to Israel for additional interrogation after being detained in the Gaza Strip by the IDF and Shin Bet. So far, authorities in the Gaza Strip have detained more than 700 operatives from various terrorist groups for additional interrogation.

Near the southern Khan Yunis region and the northern coastal area of Al-Shati Camp, among other locations, Israeli Air Force planes struck 230 Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip. With two more casualties in combat in the northern Gaza Strip, the total number of soldiers killed in the conflict in Gaza has increased to 156.