Sharon Osborne Says Doctors Don’t Know Why She Passed Out

( Even after running what she called “every test,” Sharon Osbourne said doctors still don’t know why she collapsed and became ill last month.

The host of “The Talk UK,” 70, claims she is feeling better today, but “nobody” understands what caused her to pass out on set and require hospitalization in December.

Osbourne stated on her first day back at work following the event that it was a “weird thing.”  She was filming when she was suddenly informed that she had been unconscious for 20 minutes.

Nobody knows why she was ill, and she “ran every test over the course of two days.”

Ozzy Osbourne’s manager and wife claimed that after being taken to one hospital, she was transferred to another, where she underwent several tests to determine what had happened. The TV personality claimed to be back and “doing fine” despite not receiving any responses, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The former “The Talk” co-host provided fans with an update on Instagram on Tuesday.

“I’m so glad to be back on TheTalkUK! Osbourne wrote the post’s caption. We briefly discussed my holiday visit to the hospital. Even if it’s still a mystery, I’m in great spirits and ready to start speaking right away!”

Osbourne passed out in mid-December while in California working on the set of her son Jack Osbourne’s television series, “The Osbourne’s: Night of Terror,” according to THR.

Days later, Jack gave an update and thanked everyone for their “love and support,” stating that his mum had received the “all clear” from the doctors to go home.

Later, the TV personality confirmed she had been home by posting a photo of her family’s Christmas tree.

“Home again and doing fantastic!” Osbourne added a caption to her Instagram image. “I appreciate all the (love),” she said.