Sen. Katie Britt Confronted By Fox News Over Biden Attack

During her first interview after giving her much-maligned response to Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, Republican senator Katie Britt continued to deny any wrongdoing for bringing up a case of child molestation, which she claimed was a direct outcome of the president’s response to the continuing crisis along the US southern border. 

Britt, 42, denied covering up the fact that the child trafficking case she mentioned happened decades ago. She went on a tirade against the liberal media for their coverage of her Thursday retort to Biden’s address, which was parodied on Saturday Night Live.

The senator said that a lady she spoke with in the Del Rio region of the US-Mexico border had shared terrible experiences; Britt recalled this conversation during her answer. Moderator Shannon Bream of Fox News Sunday questioned Britt about the backlash she has received for her speech. Most of the criticism has focused on the story Britt told about a woman who was a cartel trafficker since she was 12 years old, with the implication being that this was because of Biden’s immigration policies. It seems like the senator was alluding to the case of Karla Jacinto Romero, who testified before Congress in 2015, claiming that she was a victim of human trafficking and abuse in Mexico, far from the U.S. border, during the administration of George W. Bush, which ran from 2004 to 2008. At the beginning of the year, Romero told Britt about her encounter.

Britt sidestepped the issue by shifting gears to describe Biden’s immigration policy in his first 100 days in office, implying (in a roundabout way) that human trafficking has been “invited” and has grown under the president’s watch. 

Bream continued to criticize the senator, reiterating that the case she referred to was not during the Biden administration.

Though she refrained from providing specific details, Britt did imply that the abuse had its roots in the way the Biden administration handled immigration issues at the southern border.

According to a seven-minute TikTok video, Britt was referring to events in Mexico that took place between Bush’s presidency (2004–2008).