Search for Lost Hiker Continues in CA National Park

As the summer season winds down and the fall equinox approaches in a matter of days, The United States remains a nation in distress. While economic and social problems continue to plague the nation and crush the already shrinking middle class, natural disasters which occurred over the summer have also devastated region of the nation. In Maui, Hawaii, the deadliest wildfires in U.S. history occurred in August, killing some 97 people (and possibly more). In southern California, record levels of rainfall which shattered previous annual totals fell in a single day due to Hurricane Hilary, causing widespread flooding, power outages, mudslides, and severe economic damage. In southwestern Florida, Hurricane Idalia wreaked havoc on the sunshine states gulf coast, and at least two fatalities were confirmed. Simply, in every regard, things have been downright troubling in America.

On September 4th Hurricane Hilary struck parts of counties in the southwestern region of the Golden State. Mudslides and flood which moved massive amounts of sediment were some of the several consequences of the storm. Entire roadways were covered in layers of muck, and many residents were trapped in their residences due to the serious damage and flooding.

Over the past several weeks, much of California has continued to recover from the storm. Individuals across the state are certainly trying to live life as normal, and many probably are enjoying the pleasant late summer weather. Outdoor activities are not without their risks, though. In Kings Canyon National Park, a tragic situation occurred after 65 year old Paul Benson went missing on September 13th. Benson had been a part of an 8 person hiking trip that had been planned as several day affair. He was last witnessed wearing a red jacket, a purple fleece, and a military style olive drab headpiece. National Park Officials urge anyone with information to call the park dispatch phone number. The story is a reminder of the risks of hiking.