Royal Family Targeted By Russian Hackers

According to reports, just days after King Charles criticized the invasion of Ukraine, the Royal Family’s official website was taken down yesterday in a deliberate cyber assault, with Russian hackers claiming blame.

According to a Telegram message by the self-proclaimed head of the pro-Putin hacktivist organization KillNet, hacker KillMilk claimed the attack.

According to reports,, the official website of the British monarchy, was offline for approximately 90 minutes. Hackers had not obtained access to the website, but it was inaccessible because of a DDoS assault. The information and infrastructure were inaccessible.

Two weeks before the cyber assault, King Charles had received an enthusiastic response in Paris for his speech in which he condemned Russia’s unprovoked aggression and proclaimed that Ukraine must win.

President Zelensky met with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom at Buckingham Palace in February.

Experts in cyber security think KillMilk may have ties to high-ranking members of Putin’s administration due to the group’s history of posting pro-Russian content on the messaging platform Telegram.

An “attack against pedophiles,” as the organization put it, inspired the takedown.
KillNet had already targeted the Royal Family with a denial-of-service (DDoS) assault in November 2022.

KillNet is a pro-Russia organization recognized for its assaults against government institutions and commercial enterprises throughout the globe.

The organization is believed to have originated in or around March 2022 and backed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

According to a report, hacktivist organization KillNet rose to prominence in the first month of the Russian-Ukrainian war thanks to a massive, albeit somewhat shallow, operation of political rhetoric, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and disinformation. The allies have a secondary goal of destroying the enemy but have their own goals in mind.

A collaborative multinational cybersecurity advisory has labeled the Russian hacking group KillNet as a danger to vital infrastructure even though the group’s links to official Russian government institutions like the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) or the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) remain unverified.