Reports Emerge Of 50 Year Old Light Mystery

( Witnesses say a brilliant, blinding light descended from the sky over the hills first. “It plummeted to the ground, where it sparkled on the hillside for everyone to see.”

Many witnesses claimed to have seen mysterious lights and believed that the British government was concealing the crash of an extraterrestrial ship. The event was rationalized away as an earthquake that happened during a meteor shower.

When military forces began turning up in the area, it was first believed that a jet had crashed on the hillside. However, nothing was discovered or formally verified.

Huw Lloyd was only 14 years old when he saw the peculiar event in the sky between the communities of Llandderfel and Llandrillo in the north Wales Berwyn Mountains on January 23, 1974. The incident began with a loud blast in the evening and progressed to ground vibrations like an earthquake. (Despite occasional mild earthquakes along historical faults in the local geology, Wales is not a seismically active area of the globe.)

Now a farmer from North Wales, UK, Lloyd spoke about what he thinks was an alien encounter that took place that 1974 night in an interview with “Ancient Aliens.”

Giorgio Tsoukalos, the presenter of “Ancient Aliens,” interviewed Llloyd. He said it was around 8:40 p.m. There was a thud as he watched television at home with his two sisters and a neighbor. “The next thing was a severe shaking of the whole area, like an earthquake. We were all a little in shock. Nothing like it had ever happened to us before.”

After checking on their livestock, the Lloyd family phone was ringing. It was the neighbors, and they were all enquiring as to “what the heck that was.”

In 2010, a different witness came out with much creepier assertions than Lloyd. She remarked, “We just saw this enormous orb shining and throbbing on the hills. I wish we had waited to see what would happen, whether it would just dissipate or fly away, Pat Evans said. “Some lights appeared to be distributed about it.”

The Gwynedd Police received several police complaints that evening, validating what everyone had seen and felt.

Later, declassified materials claimed that the earthquake and meteor impact that caused the incident were both visible in Wales and England. But no crater was ever found, and according to the Institute of Geological Sciences, the earthquake was only a magnitude 3.5, much too weak to generate the shaking that witnesses reported.

It remains a half-century-old mystery.