Rep. Dan Meuser Calls Hamas Monsters After Screening Of Attack

Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Dan Meuser said he had seen footage of the terror attack on Israeli civilians on October 7 and afterward described Hamas as “evil” and “monsters.” Mr. Meuser was speaking to Newsmax when he defined the film he had seen as “absolutely horrific.”

“They were monsters. We understand that they were all drugged up as well, quite deliberately, to perform in such an inhumane way,” he said.

The Israeli military has been holding screenings for journalists and others showing footage recorded by Hamas terrorists on body camera during the attack. Israel’s government said it is forced to reveal the footage to refute a “Holocaust denial-like phenomenon.” The video, much of which has not been made public, is a 43-minute compilation showing killings and mutilations committed by Hamas in residential homes and kibbutzim in southern Israel.

Some journalists have described what they saw, including crude beheadings using shovels and similar implements, and dead women naked from the waist down – Israeli officials say there is evidence of widespread rape.

Coverage by the BBC describes Hamas terrorists eating food from their victims’ refrigerators and then calmly continuing to kill civilians. The BBC said Hamas militants appeared gleeful as they carried out the killings and recounted in detail how a father and his two young sons took refuge in an above-ground shelter, only for the terrorists to throw a grenade into the shelter, killing the father and injuring the two boys.

Israel has published around 6 minutes worth of the recordings. This shows Hamas terrorists shooting civilians in cars, firing rockets into Israeli territory, and crossing the border from Gaza into the Jewish state. Gunmen entering homes and firing indiscriminately are also clearly documented.

Reporters from CNN, NBC, and other US networks have also seen the footage. CNN said Israel intended to “underscore the scope of the massacre and to remind the world of the atrocities” and build support for its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.