Police Thwart Murder Plot At Last Second

Police in Texas have arrested two men before they could follow through with an alleged plot to shoot and kill a rapper at a concert in downtown Austin, according to court documents.

FOX 7 in Austin obtained court documents about the arrests of 39-year-old Don Lee Bennett and 38-year-old Pierre Laday Jones, who were arrested on March 10 and face third-degree possession of a firearm by a felon. Jones was also charged with harassment.

The news station reported that according to the court documents, the plot was uncovered after Jones allegedly admitted to police that two of his associates were planning to kill a man later that night.

Jones, despite being a felon, had a handgun in his possession as he spoke with police.

He identified Bennett as one of his associates, and the other associate was named in court documents but had not been arrested.

That night, Bennett and Jones planned to attend a rap show near East Sixth Street. Jones told police he had VIP access to a music festival, and the other two associates planned to use his credentials to gain entry to the rap show.

Jones claimed that by using the credentials, the other two men would be exempt from entry searches at the door, which could allow them to walk in with concealed weapons.

However, music festival officials told FOX 7 the festival did not offer VIP access credentials, and if it did, Jones would not have been able to use them to attend a show unrelated to the festival.

Still, Jones told police he wanted to kill the rapper to stop him from providing testimony during a court case.

The news station reported that Bennett planned to pay Jones $450 for the handgun at the concert. Jones claimed Bennett and the other associate were coming from Killeen, Texas, with at least six guns, including an AK-47.

Police and Jones set up a meeting with Bennett, though Jones told officers he believed Bennett and the other suspect would likely open fire on officers if they attempted to arrest them.

Ultimately, SWAT officers went to the club and arrested Bennett, who was allegedly found to have a handgun. Bennett was previously convicted of aggravated robbery, making him a felon. He was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm.

During the investigation, detectives reviewed multiple videos on YouTube showing Jones and the intended victim going through the dispute between the two, which included harsh criticism of Bennett, Jones, and their rap careers.